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3 Ways Our Viral Response Team Keeps You Safe

US Metro employs a highly trained viral response team that can give you the assurance that experienced professionals will answer your call for help. We invest in a comprehensive training program for our crews that includes onsite training by supervisors and external training led by outside experts in the most innovative procedures and techniques. So, we decided to put together a short list of the reasons why US Metro Group Inc. is unrivaled in COVID-19 response: 

  1.  Professional Certifications

US Metro is certified in cross contamination and blood borne pathogens. To obtain this certification, our crews go through training that teaches them the fundamentals in preventive and control measures to help protect against exposure to blood borne pathogens.  Also, every employee is required to undergo training on all the safety requirements for operating in a hazardous environment such as a COVID-19 contaminated space.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment Procedure

Personal protective equipment is vital to our work crews. Which is why US Metro takes extra steps to ensure that they have the right gear and adequate training. Crew members are trained in the proper procedure for donning and using PPE in the field to protect you, themselves, and their families from cross contamination and exposure to harmful viruses and diseases. 

  1. Viral Outbreak Response Experience

We are specialists in responding to viral outbreaks in the workplace, industrial sites, and in hospitals, too. This learned experience has proved immensely helpful during this most recent viral outbreak. Our prior experience helps us give our clients the best service possible and peace of mind that the hazardous jobs will be done the right way.

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