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How US Metro Group Inc. Built a Legacy of Impeccable Service and Reliability

Over 40 years ago, US Metro Group Inc. was created by our founding CEO, Charles Kim. Mr. Kim had humble beginnings as a South Korean immigrant taking any janitorial work he could find as the only janitor at US Metro Group. He set out every day with a tenacity and perseverance that drove him to build his business, client by client, into a nationwide organization with over 300 employees. Mr. Kim had a vision of US Metro Group that rested on his belief that today we should all be better than we were yesterday. This concept of continuous improvement is called Kaizen and is itself the foundation that Mr. Kim’s vision for US Metro is constructed upon. 

Mr. Kim said every single day that a commitment to continuous improvement would bear wondrous fruit for our clients. The end goal of the vision for US Metro Group is that we want our customers to reap all the benefits of our commitment to service and reliability. We don’t mind that most of the hard work has to be done after hours. Our habit and drive for continuous improvement ensures that you and your team will feel our commitment to service and quality when you walk into the building each morning. This has been the legacy of US Metro Group that Mr. Kim instilled into the company culture from day one.

The vision continues with current CEO, Evelyn Kim, who continues to build on her father’s legacy by leading US Metro further down the path of continuous improvement. US Metro’s legacy has been reinforced under Mrs. Kim’s leadership, and our entire highly skilled workforce is just as committed as ever to becoming an indispensable partner to each one of our clients.

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