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A Legacy of Excellent
Janitorial Service


40 Years of Keeping
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US Metro Group, Inc. was started over 40 years ago by our founding CEO, Charles Kim, with the vision that today’s US Metro Group should be better than yesterday’s. Our company has been built upon this foundation of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, and today our second generation CEO, Evelyn Kim, continues to build upon her father’s legacy.

Ability to Staff

We are able to provide professional trained crews within 24 hours in response to emerging situations.


We offer different levels of cleaning to match your expectations and are able to flex up or down to meet changing needs.

Training &

Our crew is trained and certified in blood borne pathogens, PPE, and COVID-19 response.


We have been cleaning hospitals and other medical grade facilities for over 40 years. 

Our Core Value:


Kaizen, or continuous improvement; we try to make every day better than the last and strive to improve not just our lives and surroundings, but those of our partners and anyone else we come in contact with. We constantly refine and develop our processes to include the most recent and relevant technology, processes, and cleaning guidelines.

Our goal is to become indispensable to each one of our partners and help them to solve problems in new and innovative ways. We are also an industry leader in ensuring the safety, well-being, growth and success of our employees and team members.


“All areas of the arena were in impeccable condition for undoubtedly our biggest show of the year”

Samuel K. Kropp, Vp of operations / Staples center

US Metro Leadership

Evelyn kim


Brian Lee


Ted Reynoso

Vice President of Operations

jose alcala

director of operations

craig johns

hazmat response expert

phil gregg

contracts compliance officer

Our History

Charles's Story

Our story begins in 1979 with Charles Kim as the sole janitor, living out of his car and taking any janitorial work he could find in order to support himself and his family. With unrivaled persistence and tenacity, Charles knocked on doors and did whatever it took to develop enough business to start hiring his own employees. 40 years later, US Metro Group is alive and well, with a nationwide presence and over 300 employees ready to provide the top-of-the-line janitorial services that Charles himself performed and established as our company’s standard. 

As an immigrant from South Korea who came to the United States to pursue the American Dream, Mr. Kim’s humble beginning established our company culture of helping those who are struggling through some of the same challenges he faced. To this day, US Metro Group strives to employ individuals who are underprivileged and in need of work, as well as provide other small minority companies with guidance and opportunities for growth.

“Every day should be better than the last. Every activity should be done and reflected upon in order to improve not only your life and surroundings, but those around you. Make every day count.”

– Charles S. Kim

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