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US Metro Group understands that the benefits of a clean building go beyond making a valuable first impression. Studies have shown that a clean work-environment increases productivity. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons we are learning from it, commercial cleaning has reached a new-level of importance. Now more than ever it is critical for business owners and property managers to adopt new, improved cleaning and disinfecting processes to meet and exceed health & safety requirements. 

From our CEO to our janitor, US Metro Group takes pride in our unparalleled commitment to the quality of our cleaning and disinfecting, as well as our solutions-oriented approach to addressing our partners’ needs. We have the experience and expertise to help you stay environmentally aware and meet and exceed health and safety requirements. Let our Janitorial and Day Porter Services help you create an environment that your employees and clients are comfortable with, confident in, and captivated by.

Janitorial Services

Regularly-scheduled after-hours cleaning and disinfecting

Establish and maintain standards for cleanliness and appearance

Advanced cleaning and disinfecting equipment and technology

Real-time tracking and reporting

Programs and teams customized to address specific facility needs

Experienced staff regularly receiving safety, technical, and leadership training

Day Porter Services

Keep property clean, organized, and professional throughout the day

Inspect and maintain lobbies and entrances so they always look their best

Monitor, service, and refresh restrooms

Increased attention to common areas, high touch points, and other areas of concern

Meeting and conference room setup and tear down

Experienced staff regularly receiving safety, technical, and leadership training

On-site immediate response for toilet overflows, spills and other emergencies

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