Charles’ Story

Mr. Charles Kim, an immigrant from South Korea, arrived in the United States to pursue the American Dream.

In 1979, Mr. Kim took a position as a janitor and diligently pursued learning the details of his trade. In this same year he made the risky decision to step out on his own and start his own business… US Metro Group, Inc. Working at night and selling during the day, he tenaciously worked hard to develop enough business to begin hiring his own employees to help him grow the business into what it has become today.

Today US Metro Group is a nationwide “Total Facility Service” provider serving clients in a myriad of industries including Entertainment, Health, Commercial High Rise and Government. His company’s services include janitorial, security, landscaping, HVAC, computerized maintenance services, minor construction, pest control, food service, engineering and all services related to facilities management.

Mr. Kim’s humble beginning inspires him to help those who toil with some of the same struggles he once had. He says he will never forget how his small minority business overcame looking for work and the difficulties of competing against major corporations, which would sometimes monopolize the facilities contract market. With the mindset of giving back to others and the desire to help minority vendors, Mr. Kim has employed individuals and small companies needing work.

He utilizes a mentor/protégé relationship strategy with the various companies he helps to assist them with their growth. Whenever US Metro Group, Inc is awarded national contracts Kim will look for smaller companies or individuals to be alliances providing specific services for these contracts. US Metro Group, Inc. helps to develop these companies resources through training, certifications, and national purchasing power; thus allowing them to grow market-share within their own local regional area.

Kim truly believes to be successful, one must practice Kaizen, which roughly translates to mean “continuous improvement.” When asked about his key to success, Kim emphatically states, “Everyday should be better then the last. Every activity should be done and reflected upon in order to improve not only your life and surroundings, but those around you. Make everyday count.”